Monday, March 3, 2014
What a long cold Winter it's been. It's March 3rd and here in the northeast, we just had another major snowstorm come through the region. This one skirted us to our south just a bit so we didn't get it with both barrels but, we got enough to turn everything white again. This winter has been 180 degrees different from last year where we only had approximately 1 foot of snow all season. This one we are on the edge of moving 2014 into the third snowiest winter on record. I think this blog makes it evident that I like snow, but being someone with a horticultural background and large interest in specifically evergreens, I also understand the need for clear season breaks from one to another. All plant life needs the change of the seasons to properly maintain their internal life-cycles. Evergreens are a great example, they put forth new growth in the spring only. When the new branch shoots emerge they are tender like the wings of a newly hatched butterfly and as they progress they harden off and look more like their older counterparts behind them. If winter hangs on too long it can throw their internal clock out of balance so that the new shoots appear later than usual. Evergreens depend on those cooler spring months to get off to a good growing period. Once Spring is over evergreens don't really add too much new growth. I don't know how much more snow mother nature has planned to send our way, but the way this Winter has been going I would not be surprised if we get some more before it's over.


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Evergreen Color
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